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Orders Gateway is an online order platform, powered by PropertyInfo®, to centralize orders for our customers. This integrated, click-to-order system allows you to quickly place and track your orders, providing both you and your customers a better level of service.


  • Generate more business with quote-to-order services
  • Expedite the ordering process
  • Deliver quality search reports from a reputable network of searchers
  • Lenders can easily request quotes and place an order with minimal re-keying
  • Generate real-time reports to review and track quotes from existing and new customers
  • Ability to scale operations and search work by leveraging outsourced services
  • Save time and increase efficiencies, with the elimination of re-entering order information and title search report information


  • Order and fulfill title searches
  • Provide linked title reports
  • Order other related products such as insurance and foreclosure reports
  • Integration with Lender Express Quote® for faster and easier ordering of titles
  • Dashboard to quickly and easily track customers’ orders
  • Ability to drive business through website integration
  • Integration with AIM+® for seamless integration of orders

Contact us

Phone: (866) 464-8179
Fax: (410) 335-6399
Website: propertyinfo.com
Email: titlesearch@propertyinfo.com
We understand the importance of moving to green, and we're working toward that goal every day. And in the process of moving the real estate transaction process to green through technology, we hope to lead the way for our entire industry.